Computer Equipment Services

We provide repairing services for a whole range of computer models. Our technical experts provide trustworthy services on the spot and in our workshops on timely basis. These services cover all aspects of computer accessories as well.

Security Services

We deal in the latest security surveillance services from all types including but not limited to Security Cameras, Fire Alarms, Metal Detectors, Security Walk Through and others. Softnet has offered tight security solutions to Afghanistan’s various prominent firms.

Networking & Communication

Whether you need a few computers connected or you’re looking for an entire networking plan that allows for growth and expansion, SNI has a networking solution that is right for you. Our networking solutions allows you many flexible options so you can be competitive. We also provide communication services such as pbax, walky-talky and others.

Component Level Laptop Repair

Fixing faulty DC connectors
Fixing LCD panel of laptop or replacing them
Reinstalling Windows and other softwares
Fixing corrupted Windows

Home / SOHO Services

Reinstalling Windows
Fixing corrupted Drivers
Fixing windows startup problems
Backup data (from working hard drives)
Recovery to the new systems or to DVD
Setting up home networking with file and printer sharing.

Photocopier Machine

One of the most critical problems faced by certain offices and clients we deal with is the operation of photocopy machines. Every photocopy user would like to be provided reliable and prompt reparing services which can only be assured by SNI. We carry high quality technical staff in the field of photocopies, which provide you with their wide range of experience in repairing all models of photocopy machines.

Software Installation Services

SNI is at the disposal of its clients for providing all sorts of technical and professional services. While providing our services in the repairing of every type of office equipments we offer our clients with our installation services of all types of computer softwares as well. These services can be provided both in our workshops and at your workplace for the convenience of our clients.