Sony Vaio Laptops

Sony was established in 1946 and its advancement is closely associated with many significant developments in electronic design and manufacturing. Since the launch of the first transistor radios in the 1950's and with the invention of color televisions, Sony is very popular even today. The brand slogan for many of Sony's computer products is Video Audio Integrated Operation (VAIO). The Sony Vaio was created to distinguish it from other items by encompassing the use of consumer audio and video along with the conventional computing products. The letters V and A of VAIO logo represents a cosine wave and the letters I and O represent the numerals one and zero. The logo symbolizes the analog and digital multimedia capabilities of the product line, as well as Sony's vision of entertainment and technological "convergence”. Sony is increasing the use of the VAIO label and this logo can now be found on notebooks, sub notebooks, desktops, and hard-disk-based audio players (called VAIO POCKET player).

Sony Vaio Models:

Sony Vaio UX: Sony has entered into the computer market in the year 1997 with the PCV series of desktops. The Sony Vaio stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation, a brand slogan for many of Sony’s computer products. It has created a distinguished item that includes the use of consumer’s audio and video, as well as the conventional computing products. The Sony’s Vaio new series functions same as a regular PC, but is miniature in size to be easily portable.

Sony Vaio TX: Sony’s hottest feather-weight Vaio TX notebook packs wireless PC with WAN connectivity contender in a fashion-forward physique. The carbon fiber chassis of the TX notebook line lends not only lightweight durability but also head-turning elegance. It encompasses the LED backlight technology and newly designed display circuitry, giving it a razor thin profile. And it weighs just about 2.8-pounds and is less than 1-inch thin, this Sony Vaio TX notebook will slide unobtrusively in your carry bag.

Sony Vaio SZ: Sony introduces a Latest series of Sony Vaio SZ series of laptops, which can store more power and deliver feature-rich computing at a top speed. It includes one inch thick SZ’s wrapped in a lightweight carbon fiber casing and has a white LED backlight behind the 13.3 inch XBRITE wide screen which will save the power.

Sony Vaio FJ: The Sony Vaio FJ series notebook is a thin and light weight notebook PC which has been designed in a very stylish manner. The new model of the Sony Vaio FJ is the Vaio VGN-FJ170, which sports a Pentium M 1.73GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 100GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive. The Vaio FJ series features a nicely integrated built in web camera and a microphone for easy video conferencing and chat.

Sony Vaio FE: The Sony’s new 15.4-inch screen notebook PC is a Sony Vaio FE which has configured with the new Intel Core Duo processor which includes XBRITE HiColor LCD technology to ensure that multimedia playback is rich and vibrant. The Sony’s advanced display technology delivers extraordinary color purity and saturation, even in bright daylight. The Sony Vaio series includes advanced audio integration, which adds the aural component to a superb movie-viewing experience. Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 offers intelligent and seamless control of entertainment content from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Sony Vaio FS: The Sony’s new range of notebook PC is Sony Vaio FS, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of their demanding but value conscious customers. This laptop is ultra-slim, lightweight, packed with the latest Intel Centrino technology and the stand-out features include multiformat Double Layer DVD and Widescreen displays enhanced with new generation exclusive Sony X-black LCD technology. The several models of Sony Vaio FS offers superior graphics performance powered by NVidia GeForce 6200 Go silicon and NVIDIA TurboCache architecture.

Sony Vaio AR: The Sony’s new notebook is named as Sony Vaio AR premium and it is powered by the Intel Core Duo processor and features 1GB of memory, a 17-inch screen. This latest notebook PC comes with a House of Flying Daggers movie in Blu-Ray format that let the users make use of their HD compatible disc drive.